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Stevens County

Updated: Mar 2, 2020


Located in the northeastern portion of Washington State, Stevens County is an area of scenic wonders. This pristine land mass is filled with fertile valleys, lush green forests, rugged mountain slopes, numerous lakes with hundreds of miles of natural shoreline, superb trout streams and an abundance of wildlife. Stevens County is large with 2,481 square miles and is within the Okanagan Highland Region of Washington with its predominately north-south valleys. This hilly and mountainous terrain is covered with lush pine, fir and larch forests. The elevation ranges from 7,308 feet at the famous Abercrombie Mountain to the northeast and at 1,290 feet, 153 miles to the southwest at Lake Roosevelt, formed by the backwaters of Grand Coulee Dam. The Columbia River outlines the western border of the county along with the Kettle River to the north.

The Spokane River and Lincoln County combine to make the southern border, with Pend Oreille and Spokane counties on the eastern border, and British Columbia, Canada, as the northern border. Highway 395 travels north from Spokane to the Canadian border for Port of Entry Laurier/Cascade, 31 miles north of Kettle Falls, operates from 8am to midnight. The Canadian Port of Entry at Patterson-Northport- Rossland, BC, on Washington State Route 25 is 50 miles north of Colville and is open 24 hours a day. Access to Canadian Port of Entry at Waneta via Stevens County road is only 11 miles east of Highway 25 and is accessible daily, between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

Federal, state and county agencies administer about 33% or 522,430 acres of land in

Stevens County. The southern portion of Stevens County is inhabited by the Spokane Tribe. There are six incorporated cities in Stevens County, the largest being Colville, the county seat. Population growth in the three-county region Pend Oreille, Ferry and Stevens has outpaced statewide growth. Of the three counties, Stevens County had the largest and fastest growing population of 110% and ranks 23 in population to the other counties of Washington State.

Quaint communities nestled in the mountain valleys and along the banks of the rivers in Stevens County offer a tranquil country life-style, away from the hustle and bustle of much larger metropolitan cities. The quality of life in Stevens County is enriched by community and cultural events, with an abundance of recreational opportunities. Whether you desire to be a modern day rancher in a wide open valley, just have a cabin in the surrounding mountains, build your new home by a lake or stream, or be the proud owner of a most prestigious historic house in town, this is truly one of the most beautiful and affordable places to reside in the northwest.

Locations: Chewelah, Colville & Kettle Falls

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